Help Me- I’m Not Singing The Tune! A Useful Guide For Melody Singers To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

It’s not always easy to sing in harmony in choir if you aren’t used to it.
A Useful Guide To Help Choir Melody Singers to Step out of Their Comfort Zone - The Curious Singer Blog
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Posted By Mary Williams – Choir Leader, Singer & Blog Writer

New song learning is a thrilling time for most choirs, and my singers always delight in getting their creative teeth into something fresh and fun. Recently, we introduced a piece of music to my gorgeous A Cappella Choir. Our particular arrangement of a well-known composition from the mid-1960s shares the melody equally between the four vocal harmonies of the singers. How exciting!

The usual harmony singers have embraced it quickly and are loving their moment in the spotlight. However, the same can’t be said for those typically used to singing the melody as they do in the majority of our repertoire. 

Some singers seem more than panicked and alarmed as they don’t sing the tune throughout the song. They are genuinely fearful outside their safe zone – I feel for them.

This has tweaked my curiosity. First of all, let’s discover what is going on.

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Your Role of a Lead Melody Singer

Being a melody singer in a choir, you’ve always been in the limelight, leading the song’s story and adding your unique sparkle to each performance. But what happens when you’re invited to step into the realm of harmony? Suddenly, you’re being asked to navigate a new world without a map.

It might seem intimidating initially but be assured it’s an exciting journey of discovery and growth for you as a choir singer. Let’s explore why this can feel challenging and how you can, at your own pace, begin to unravel the mystery of harmony.

Why Is It So Hard to Switch to Singing A Harmony Part?

Let’s take a look at the main issues you are facing as a choir singer.

Spotlight Shift.

Melody singers are accustomed to being the key players, the primary storytellers. When asked to sing harmony, stepping out of the limelight and into a supporting role might feel like stepping out of the spotlight. 

Remember that your part in whatever line you sing is equally essential to the choir sound. We need your harmony. It’s about taking a mental shift and letting go of the worries.

Fear Of The Unknown.

Harmony lines, with their unexpected turns and twists, can seem daunting and mysterious if you’re not used to them as a melody singers.

I think of the harmony parts I sing, each with an important melody that I will learn. In fact- that becomes my new tune. 

Navigating Something New Is Scary.

Singing harmony requires maintaining your own vocal line while others sing something entirely different. It’s a new skill; like any new skill, it takes practice.

But remember, every musical journey begins with a single note. And with patience, resilience, and a dash of adventure, you’ll soon be singing through your harmonious vocal part like it was never an issue.

How To Begin To Love Singing Choir Harmonies.

Uncover the Power of Harmony.

While the melody may often take the lead, harmony is the unsung hero that adds richness and depth to the music. Embrace this exciting opportunity to contribute to the beautiful canvas of sound that is choir music.

Start with Baby Steps.

Like learning anything new, start small. Begin by singing harmony in shorter, more straightforward sections. As you get more comfortable, gradually dive into more complex parts and sing against the others. Remember, even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More.

Regular sessions focused on ear training exercises, and tuning will be invaluable. Your choir and section leaders are there to guide you, so don’t hesitate to seek their advice and feedback. The more you practice, the more familiar and comfortable you’ll become with your new role.

Lean on Your Choir Family.

Your fellow choir members, especially those experienced in singing harmony, can offer advice, share their own experiences, and provide much-needed moral support. 

Embrace the spirit of teamwork because the choir that learns together grows together.

Celebrate Each Victory.

Every time you nail that harmony note or conquer a tricky section, take a moment to appreciate your progress. Each small victory is a testament to your artistic growth and a crucial step on your journey.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting new choir harmony singing adventure? 

Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the world of harmony is about growth and exploration. With each note you sing, you’re becoming a more versatile artist and discovering new dimensions of your musical self. You’re about to add a new set of colours to your musical palette.

I look forward to hearing my Bristol choir singing their new song in public soon. In fact, it’s more satisfying when we have had to overcome hurdles to make beautiful music. Easy is boring.

Here’s to your courage, resilience, and journey into harmony. We can’t wait to hear the magic you’ll make!

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