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Looking for a women’s A cappella choir in Bristol? Let’s sing together!

Each Thursday evening, our close-knit group of women gathers to create something special: the harmonies of Avon Harmony A Cappella Choir in Bristol.

We’re more than just a choir; we’re a community of singers of all backgrounds and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or someone just looking to try something new, we’d love for you to join us.

Step in, feel the rhythm, and share in the joy of singing together!

Find a local choir that is perfect for you.

Nestled within Bristol’s lively arts scene is our choir culture, rich in diversity and passion. While there are numerous choral genres to explore, for us, the one that stands out with its unique harmony and camaraderie is A Cappella and Barbershop.

Finding a choir in Bristol that matches your musical tastes can be as simple as a quick online search (and here you are!) or a chat at a local community event or with friends.

We are fun and welcoming; you will learn new vocal skills to improve your voice.

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A chorus of many musical tastes.

We’re a welcoming bunch at Avon Harmony A Cappella, always striving to better our vocals and broaden our repertoire. We strive hard to be the best we can be whilst realising we aren’t professionals!

Our musical tastes span from Folk and Barbershop to hits by Queen and Adele and so much more in between. We cherish singing tunes that are not only melodious but also empowering and uplifting.

Plus, we’re always up for a good laugh during our sessions. For many of us, our weekly singing time is a highlight, bringing joy and camaraderie into our lives.

We’re a contemporary choir.

Contemporary A Cappella choir music is unique – we blend modern and popular tunes we have grown up with, with happy vibes within the traditional choir setting and barbershop music, making them appealing to many.

Our choir brings fresh, modern renditions of popular songs with an energy that’s contagious.

I’m a member of the barbershop chorus Mary directs; she makes our rehearsals fun, whilst also insisting on us working to improve our standard of singing. I always leave rehearsals feeling relaxed, elated, and with things to reflect on. – Jackie Boffin

Sing barbershop A cappella in Bristol.

Barbershop A Cappella isn’t just about four-part harmony; it’s about community, history, and emotion. Bristol’s barbershop scene is fortunate to have Avon Harmony A Cappella, a chorus that epitomizes the essence of barbershop with its heartfelt performances and tight-knit community.

Our love of this music is a testament to the timeless appeal of barbershop music which is consistently evolving. It’s not old-fashioned, so throw away any preconceptions you may have – it’s a cool and growing genre with lots of people of all ages involved.

Our choir has been going for nearly 50 years already- and we avidly continually look forward to the future.

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Our choir in Bristol is for adults.

Many choirs, including A cappella groups like ours, cater specifically to adults, ensuring that the song choices, practice schedules, and performances are tailored to audiences and singers over the age of 18 to retired people. Joining such a choir like us in adulthood is a celebration of shared life experiences through song.

Avon Harmony A Cappella is diverse and interesting. If you identify as a woman, a student, a working woman, a parent or anyone who needs a choir in their life, whatever their life stage – then take time to explore this as a new hobby and grow your singing voice. We are here for you.

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Can anyone join this choir?

Definitely! We don’t expect vocal perfection or perfect voices- just ordinary adult women aged 18+ who are enthusiastic, willing to learn and can hold a tune accurately within a group. We value learning over knowing for anyone who comes through our doors. It’s more about the joy of singing and the thrill of working towards doing your best.

No Need to Read Music

We supply sheet music and sing-along tracks for those who don’t read music and can learn by ear. And you must pledge to memorise and learn music over a few weeks. You must be willing and keen to learn to join our choir in Bristol.

Learn Your First Song

We ask that before you officially join us, you memorise your first piece of music. We will offer you heaps of support and encouragement to help you. It allows you to properly experience our choir, as we don’t hold music after the first 3-4 weeks – and to see if you like what we do.

We are an auditioned group, but we don’t any scary auditions where you have to sing alone. In fact, you will work it out for yourself.

Simply, you learn the music quickly and we’ll put a sneaky ear in your direction once we can see you have got the grasp of it.

Avon Harmony A cappella chorus
This lovely bunch will be waiting to meet you.

Other FAQs about singing in a choir.

We know – you have lots of questions. Here are a few more that people ask us.

Can’t find the answer? Contact me.

What are the benefits of singing in our choir?

Choir singing offers a wonderful blend of personal and health advantages. Beyond the joy of creating music, it uplifts mood through the release of endorphins, promoting mental well-being. Singing in a group fosters social connections, providing a sense of community and belonging.

It also enhances respiratory health with deep breathing techniques, sharpens cognitive abilities as one learns new melodies, and boosts confidence with every performance. Overall, being part of a choir is not only an enriching musical journey but also a holistic boost for mind, body, and spirit.

Who is the best choir in Bristol?

While established groups like Avon Harmony A Cappella certainly have made their mark in the barbershop A cappella scene, the ‘best’ choir is subjective. The true measure is in the experience, the connections, and the joy each chorus brings to its members and audience.

There is only one way to know – try it! 😊🫵🏻

Avon Harmony A cappella chorus choir in Bristol

We sing on Thursdays in Eastville, Bristol.

The choir is based at Glenfrome Primary School, Cottisford Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6TY and rehearses from 7.30 pm- 9.30 pm on Thursdays.

We have people who travel from across Bristol, Banes and South Gloucestershire. Our choir singers come far and wide from Yate, Chipping Sodbury, Longwell Green, Hanham, Bath, and Chippenham. We are based by the Ikea junction of the M32.

It is about half an hour from Bath (so not that far!)

Wow. I’m convinced.
So how do I join your choir?

You can turn up any week at 7.30-9.30pm at Grenfrome School, Eastville, BS5 6TY for a free no, obligation taster session and see if you like singing with us. If you want, tell us you are coming by messaging musicdirector@avonharmony.com

Current subs are low cost at £15 a month. This is because we are a non-profit making group, and everyone is a volunteer—even me as the Music Director. We want everyone to sing with us.

We expect everyone who joins our class to commit to attending weekly (except holidays and sickness) because it’s a team hobby where every voice matters.

Join Avon Harmony A Cappella Choir in Bristol & Bath.

If you’re in or near the Bristol and Bath area and have a passion for singing, Avon Harmony A Cappella might just be the choir you’re searching for. Interested? Visit our website at www.avonharmony.com to learn more.

If you decide to come along, drop me a message beforehand so we can eagerly await your arrival. But hey, if you’d rather surprise us with a visit, that’s perfectly fine too! We promise a warm welcome and a memorable experience. We’d be delighted to have you with us.


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