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Help me- I’m Not Singing The Tune! A Useful Guide To Help Melody Singers To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Recently, we introduced a piece of music to my gorgeous A Cappella Choir. Our particular arrangement of a well-known composition from the mid-1960s shares the melody equally between the four vocal harmonies of the singers.The usual harmony singers have embraced it quickly and are loving their moment in the spotlight. However, the same can’t be said for those typically used to singing the melody as they do in the majority of our repertoire. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Choir Singer!

Do you love singing in a choir and want to get better, right? Yes, me too. It’s my passion to be the best I can be and support my team of fellow singers. It made me ponder what I would put in an Ultimate Guide for becoming a better choir singer – so I thought I’d answer the questions that people often ask me.

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Why I joined my first A Cappella Chorus

I love singing in my local barbershop chorus. It’s changed my life for the better and I’m not just a mum anymore, I’m me. I have learned so much, made wonderful friends and feel now that I am living rather than existing. This article is about why I joined and the fear of going to my first rehearsal.

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